Blair Engineering

Blair Engineering experienced work force produce high quality light to medium steel or aluminum fabrications.
Facilities available to handle and work with beams, columns, sections, flats, tubes, hollow sections, plates or sheets.
Finish can be bare metal, primed, finish painted or hot dip galvanised.

Examples of work include:
Construction products of lintels, frames, trusses, stairs, platforms, balustrades, railings and gates.
Agricultural products of penning, hoppers, troughs, feed barriers,conveyors and elevators.
Process products of frames, anode yokes, fume hoods, machine components, special beams and handling equipment.

Demand may be one off or batch work.
Quotations available for supply to customers individual specifications.


Aluminium Smelters

  Summary Plant list

  48" cold saw, 24" cold saw,Horizontal bandsaws,Vertical bandsaws, Oxygen acetylene cutters, Plasma cutters, Cored wire welders, Mig welders, Guillotine, Milling machines, Lathes, Radial drills,Pillar drills, Brake press, Hydraulic press, Folders,Rotators, Compressors,Paint shop,Fork lifts, Overhead cranes

Home, Grain equipment,

Root equipment, Potato Equipment, Friction welding,

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