Blair Engineering



Blair Engineering's range of grain cleaning and grading equipment has been developed through years of experience since the introduction of the combine harvester with Boswells, BRH, Elbar and Lainchbury products in its pedigree and offers the most comprehensive range on the market
Alternatives of two, three and four layer sieve machines with single or double aspiration will process all types of grains, seeds and pulses including barley, oats, wheat, rice, maize , coffee, peas, beans, oilseeds, grasses, millet, sorghum sunflower, sesame and many indigenous exotic crops. There has also been a growing interest in non agricultural use where sorting to size is a requirement.
Blair has three standard ranges available for normal commercial agricultural use with outputs of up to 60 tonnes per hour.
All screens are self cleaning ball type for easy changing, maintenance free and by simply selecting alternative screen perforations and adjusting air and feed controls, the BLAIR machines can deal with all types of crop and conditions.

These start at the small hand operated units for use mainly in subsistence farming in developing countries. The main range are electrically driven machines with single stage aspiration. The initial operation is to suck out the dust , chaff, shrivelled and light grains. Most have a scalper screen then two main screens. The top screen removes large unwanted particles of short straws. unthreshed heads etc., and the lower screen, which allows small weed seeds to fall through, leaves the finished cleaned product.
Grain Cleaners

These carry out the same operations as the cleaners but are fitted with an additional intermediate layer of screening which grades the crop into two sizes giving a First and Second grade of product.


A further refinement to the single aspirated graders whereby the First grade is subjected to a final winnowing operation prior to exiting the machine ensuring absolute cleanliness of the product.

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